Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stitch Gifts + Travel Trio = Yay!

Happy Happy Joy joy! I have a new project to share in the new Stitch Gifts magazine! Can you tell I'm excited? This is my second project for Stitch (my Go-Retro Wool Quilt was in the Winter Wool Issue). I love this magazine and I am still pinching myself that my project is in it!
I didn't even take the time to take a nice photo of the cover -- the issue was sitting on Julie's desk at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store. She could barely get the words 'I got the Stitch Gifts Mag ---' out before I grabbed it and turned to the page she had marked with a yellow sticky note! The best surprise? My project shares the spotlight with a darling embellished cardigan sweater project designed by Susan Beal!
Susan has two projects in this issue. I'm tempted to post the other one, but I think I'll wait because I don't want to completely steal her thunder. I will say that I have to make it because it is super pretty and will be great for the holidays!
So, my Travel Trio, an easy drawstring bag, tissue case and portfolio, were inspired by wanting something useful and fun to take with me when I travel. I go to Washington DC a few times a year and I have been thinking about a way to organize my travel swag for a while now. I wanted something that I could slip into my purse or computer case that would be easy to find, stylish and have room for everything I tend to collect when I'm on the road. Since my last project for Stitch was vintage-inspired I thought I'd stick with that theme.

I created a tea towels Pinterest board when I was searching for the perfect Vintage towels for this project. This made it easy to communicate with the editor and it was easy to see what would work together as a collection. Don't worry, I didn't buy them all so you can hop over there and shop away!
There are some amazing projects in this issue. I can't wait to make some of them. If any of you do make the travel trio please let me know and tell me where I can see photos of them! I think everyone in my family now knows what I will be making them for their holiday gifts... I can't wait to pick out special tea towels for all of them!

PS I did all the illustrations for the instructions too. I am just as excited to see those in print. Most of my illustrations usually go to factories. But mums the word - I will have some in a book coming out this spring. Stay tuned!


  1. Very cool, Michelle!! Where can I find this magazine?

    1. Hi Dawn, Thanks! You can get it online or if you are in Portland, OR you can get it at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store! Here is the link to get it online:

  2. That's so awesome Michelle!! Super cute projects ~ can't wait to see your illustrations too ;)

    1. Thanks Gail! I love your quilt on your latest post. Can't wait to see it in person!