Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pendleton 'Half-a-Slice' Fabric Cuts

How about a square yard of Pendleton fabric for 28 buckaroos? But of course!

The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store 'Half-a-Slice' program officially launched for the WMS March Madness fabric sale this week. Pendleton fabrics are 60+ inches wide and are sold by the repeat, so a yard can cost upwards of $80. I thought, well, if I get a quarter yard, which is 9" in length and 60 " wide that isn't always the right cut for my projects. A yard can be too much for the project and not always cost effective, so they started a program to offer square yard cuts. Each month they will offer a new Half-a-Slice fabric for $40. It is on sale though the end of the month for 30% off, so a 34" x 36" cut of the Half-a-Slice fabric only costs $28! Think of the possibilities!

I've been working on a bunch of free patterns to go along with the half slices. This month the fabric is featured in my co-worker Stacy's DIY covered boots (no pattern yet...) and for the fabric they are selling next month I have already made a lined yoga bag.

What would you make with a square yard of Pendleton wool? Leave a comment and if I get ten or more comments by the end of the sale I will draw a winner to get a Half-Slice in March of Pendleton Sage Harding.