Friday, January 22, 2016

Sixteen Projects for 2016.

UFOs sorted and ready to finish!

Last night, inspired by the #PMQGUFO project, I decided to finish ten un-finished quilty things in 2016. This morning I decided otherwise. Nope. Not for me. The idea nagged at me on my walk with my dog. Projects that I'd started but hadn't thought about for years kept popping up in my mind. I stopped at a coffee shop and wrote down this list:

1. SMASS bee quilt from 2015
2. Brown bag scrap quilt from 2013
3. Log Cabin from 2010 or 11
4. Flickr Bee sampler #1 from 2010-11ish
5. Flickr Bee sampler #2 (ditto)
6. Whisper Quilt from Mary Fon's class 2015
7. PMQG medallion from 2014
8. Improv blocks from Katie Peterson class from 2013-14 ish
9. Reverse applique table runner from 2015
10. Improv blocks from Denise Schmidt workshop 2010-11ish

In an effort not to delete my note, I took a screen shot and posted it to Instagram. I waited a few moments, had a few sips of coffee, then decided to delete the post. I opened IG back up and there was a little red heart. Oh, that sweet little red heart. Crap. I refreshed the screen. Two more hearts and a comment. To be honest, those little red hearts felt pretty good. 

I made a secondary list of recent projects I'd started and had to finish for work or gifts:
11. The Hanukkah quilt for Pam
12. The improv Mini Quilts for various auctions
13. FHS quilt for the Franklin HS auction
14. Fancy Forest PWS sample

And a wish list for quilt projects I'd like to start in 2016
15. This droid is not for Sale quilt by Sam Hunter (The only project I don't have started on this list)
16. A quilt big enough to sleep under (A big start of some kind made with Jan's fabrics)

And for good measure a list of alternates in case I wanted to ditch one of or add to the original sweet sixteen. 
a. Trip around the Sun baby quilt from 2014
b. U of O totes that I promised a friend three years ago and never finished
c. Chevron quilt I started in 2013

Sixteen Projects for 2016. I will come back to this list and check them off as I finish them off. Please cheer me on - I will need it!

Stitch well and prosper -