Friday, June 1, 2012

Park Blocks: Quilting Between the Vines

Okay, truth be told: I enjoy a good pun or play on words. Please indulge me, forgive my cheekiness, and let me share my first digitized quilting pattern with you: Vines!
I designed this for my Design Camp [think outside the block] Bee Park Blocks quilt. After I had pieced the top and the back I just kept thinking it needed vines. I thought about quilting it by hand, but wasn't sure this was the right project for that; mainly because I needed to finish it for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show PMQG exhibit in July. I decided to try a different approach. I had this image of vines in my head, so I drew it in an Illustrator file and sent it to my go-to longarm quilter Nancy Stovel.
Nancy gave me a call when she got the digitized file back. We played with it on her computer, creating the layout and scale of the repeat. I should add that Nancy is VERY patient and always spends way more time with me then I deserve (Thanks Nancy!).
Vines (up close)
I was super nervous and excited to pick up the quilt. I couldn't have been more pleased! Now I can't stop thinking of all the possibilities for new digital quilting designs! I also picked up a beautiful linen cotton at Cool Cottons for the binding. It matches the tea-dyed muslin color perfectly. I know what I will be doing this weekend!
Design Camp improv quilt top

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  1. Those vines are perfect for your quilt top Michelle! Looking forward to seeing a pic of the finished quilt :)