Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

A while back my Design Camp [think outside the block] Bee mates and I made mini quilts for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative (AAQI). They are now all for sale on the AAQI site. There are hundreds of wonderful mini quilts on the site in addition to  the ones we made. All the titles on the photos are links to the quilts with descriptions by the artists and links to learn more about them. There is also an easy purchase button so you can buy them and make a donation to the AAQI!  All the proceeds go to fund research for Alzheimers.

Thanks to all the DCBee campers who contributed to this project. Combined the sales from our quilts will raise $235.

AAQI Mini Quilt by Michelle Freedman
13,074 - Swimming With Thread by Michelle Freedman (me!)
AAQI Mini Quilt by Susan Beal
13,083 - Improv Rays by Susan Beal
AAQI Mini Quilt by Suzy Boyle
13,072 - Trying to Make the Pieces Fit by Suzy Boyle
AAQI Mini Quilt by Christine Horlbeck
13,073 - A Red Letter Day by Christine Horlbeck
AAQI Mini Quilt by Dustin Cecil
13,070 - Around The Well by Dustin Cecil
AAQI Mini Quilt by Deb Brown
13,071 - Crossroads by Deb Brown
Have machine, will travel
-- Michelle

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