Sunday, February 3, 2013

All Up in My Grill

Super Bowl Sunday! Whoot Whoot! TOUCHDOWNS! Ya! Are the Ducks playing? (cue the sound of a car skidding to a stop...) Okay, the truth is, I have NEVER been to a pro football game. I went to my first College game last fall, and no, I still don't know who plays on what day. Well, who's to say I can't be a fan in my own way? I made this about a month ago for a friend of mine who LOVES the Ducks.
It was really fun to make! I used Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial from her Billboard Quilt-Along to make the 'O'. I free hand drew it on freezer paper and then marked off all the sections for the patchwork pieces. It was super fast and easy to sew all the pieces together - instant gratification for sure! I sewed the strips for the bag together and appliqued on the yellow 'O' and quilted it all to a piece of pink calico (she'll never know!). It made her really, really happy!
Oregon Travel Bag
Back to the Super Bowl. I was asked to bring baked beans to our friend's house today. Easy. My Aunt Sandy makes the best baked beans in the world. I've made them a few times before so I checked to make sure I had some of her secret ingredients (liquid smoke is one) and headed to the market to get the beans and fresh ingredients. She always used the canned beans with the green label on them - I never paid attention to what the brand was, I just always bought the ones with the green label. So skip forward to me standing confused in front of rows and rows of canned beans, none of which had a green label. I was deep in thought when a woman with her five-ish year-old son came up next to me. The woman bent down to her son and said, "We NEVER eat canned beans, do we?" He looked at her lovingly and didn't answer. "Those are YUCKY, aren't they!" Hand in hand they walked down the aisle, leaving me stunned and sad with a can of beans in my hand.

I am just going to say this right now before I go any further. I BOUGHT THE CANNED BEANS. This does not mean I am a bad person. I fully support banning BPA from ALL food packaging. I was upset when the FDA did not agree to the ban in back in March 2012 and I am hopeful that they will ban it eventually. But I would NEVER, EVER humiliate someone the way that person did to me today. I called my cousin Romy (who had walked me through a shopping list on my way to the market) to tell her what had happened. We decided what the perfect response would have been (Romy is one of the funniest people on the planet) and next time if I have my wits about me I may just find the courage to say it. They do look good, don't they?
And to cheer myself up I am going over to Dry Goods Designs to take advantage of their Super Bowl Sale. They are giving an additional 25% off of sale fabrics if you mention the codes Ravens or Niners . Shopping for fabric online while eating baked beans? What more could a girl want!


  1. I know how you feel. I had a similar incident happen to me many years ago and I too was so stunned I couldn't think of a snappy comeback for the lady. My only consolation was that I figured her kid would eventually rebel when she got older. It really goes back to being judgmental and minding your own business about what people are buying. You don't know why people are buying something so don't make a comment unless it is a positive one.

    1. Ah thanks Judy! Your story cheered me up. I still feel really weird about what happened. It was so embarrassing to be the 'bad example' for someone. Makes me hope I've never done or will do that to someone.

  2. That's crazy! I hate BPA and chemicals too, but I would never say anything mean like that to someone else shopping for canned food. WTF?! I think she needs to put that energy into contacting her legislators or the canned food companies and teach her son that way.

    PS - Awesome Oregon bag!!

  3. C'mon, Michelle, aren't you going to tell us what the snappy comeback is? I want to be prepared if it happens to me!